Thursday, July 21, 2016

I wish I had had my camera with me the other day. I arrived at Experience Quilts! just as a carload of quilters from Hermiston, Oregon were coming in the door. Then a while later, just as the last of the Oregon ladies were exiting, another group (from Ellensburg this time) arrived. I had the best time visiting with them all and assisting the staff (more like getting in the way) with cutting and check-out.
I wish I had had my camera because, as the one group was leaving and the other arriving, it occurred to me that there MUST be a name for a group of quilters. If there can be parliaments of owls and pods of whales, murders of crows and flocks of starlings, there MUST be a good name for a bunch? a cluster? a patch? of quilters.
If you haven't checked out our facebook page, be sure to do so on Wednesdays. We will be posting a series of questions, and choosing a winner from everyone who answers it each week. The prize will be one yard of fabric - absolutely free. We choose it, we cut it, and we ship it - free of charge. What could be better to a quilter than free fabric?
Keep your eyes on the prize, quilters!

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