Friday, January 26, 2018

Last night was "Mountmellick" night at the shop. A group of us have been working on Di Ford's Mountmellick pattern for quite a while. I'd say just how long, but none of us can remember that far back. I think it was two years in November. I'm still working on the center medallion. Of course, needleturn applique does take more time . . .

Each of us has made the pattern our own. Patricia and Debbie have stayed a more traditional course, using mostly reproduction prints. JoEllen is using bright modern flowers on a black background, and I keep changing my mind. Charlene has not only gone with a Christmas theme, but actually re-drafted the pattern to a larger size - what an amazing quilter she is! Laura hasn't been for a while, and I can't remember what hers looks like. I'm sure it's stunning.

At any rate, we enjoy our monthly meetings. Patricia might actually be done with her quilt top, but there are more of us still working on the medallion or inner borders. It's a challenging pattern, and makes us slow down and enjoy the process.

Which brings me to what's been on my mind lately. Time. 

My birthday is just around the corner, which makes me doubly (at least) aware of time. It seems just a wee bit paradoxical that the less time I have left, the more I want to slow down and enjoy it. With a pile of nearly 50 UFOs (Un-Finished Objects), you would think I'd want to hurry up. I suspect there is a subconscious motive in there somewhere - maybe you hope you can't leave this world until you finish all your projects?

I no longer make New Year's resolutions, but this year I hope to develop some strategies to help me not only get more done, but to enjoy the doing. 

Today, I'm going to use my longarm to baste this quilt top. My paternal grandmother embroidered it many years ago, but never finished it. It has some foxing from being stored, and a couple of spots of wear. You can still see the blue dots showing the lines for hand-quilting, so that's what I'm going to do. My great-aunt gave it to me to finish several years ago. I'm going to quilt it and send it to her for her next birthday. If my arithmetic is right, she'll be 93.

Happy stitching, everyone!


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